Silica Gel


  Silica Gel is robust and sturdy- terrific at squeezing water liquids, droplets, and vapors from compressed gases. A workhorse at low temperatures and pressures. Its high porosity, around 800 m/g, allows it to adsorb water readily, making it useful as a desiccant (drying agent). It can reduce the relative humidity in a closed space to around 40%. Once saturated with water, the gel can be regenerated (dried) by heating it to 150C (300F) for 1.5 hours per liter (about 1 dry quart measure or about 30oz weight) in a thick-walled Pyrex dish. Silica gel is non-toxic, non-flammable and chemically unreactive.Silica gel is used in various fields of our daily life as high adsorbent of high safety. Silica gel has excellent adsorption capacities at low relative humidity for keeping materals dry. Current uses of desiccant include the follwing ; pharmaceutical stoppers, laboratory desiccators, diagnostic and medical equipment, transformer tank breathers, drying flower, packaging during transportation and storage, gas drying and refining as well as protection of the electronic & telecommunications equipment, photographic and optical equipment, engines, clothing and leather goods, food(especially dried seaweed). Other uses of silica gel are aromatics, gas absorbent, and hydrogel, and so on.

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