Molecular Sieve 13X


   Molecular Sieve 13X is the sodium form of the type X crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type A crystals.The pore size 13X molecular sieve is about 10 . It can adsorb any molecular smaller than 10 , mainly used as catalyze carrier, co-adsorption of CO2 and H2O, H2O and H2S, as desiccant for medical and air compressor system, and can also be adjusted to fit other various applications.

Molecular Sieve 13X is up to 4 times more powerful than other desiccants - especially at elevated (up to 120F) temperatures.  it can absorb up to 23% of its own weight in water and reach down to -102F dew point.  With added capacities for hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and other organics.